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Posted on 02-21-2014

In today's fast paced world time management often means task compromise with some things that are super important, but not so urgent – like, for instance, our health. For those of us that haven't recently been diagnosed with a disease that comes with a mortality rate, a lack of urgency about taking care of ourselves can translate into taking our health for granted. We can ask ourselves a simple question; is there something we could be doing now to improve your health that we are not currently doing?

So many of us know how to be healthier but don't have the time to take those steps or aren't interested in drastic lifestyle changes. Let's look at strategies that don't take a lot of time and many don't cost a penny.  

Exercise is one of the major compromises for many people. Between work, family and half of the year with what seems like 4 hours of daylight, finding time to get 30 minutes of exercising everyday can get passed by. The research for exercise suggests even just walking for 30 minutes benefits us immensely with tentacles that reach into many aspects of our lives including positivity and creativity. There is no true replacement for daily exercise but if you believe your life is too hectic there are a few things that can be a second-best. 

Hacking into Healthy tip #1 is to stretch upon wakening. We can all take a lesson from our pets on this one. Every time they get up from a nap they stretch there spine. Spending a few minutes in the morning stretching your spine before you do anything else stretching has great benefits. Medical research shows that movement of the spine stimulates and nourishes the brain. 

Tip #2 is getting adjusted by your chiropractor on a regular basis. You don't have to be in pain to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic. Getting regular adjustment stimulates the brain in the same way (movement of the spine) and wards off the degenerative process.

Taking time to consciously be grateful for anything in your life is the third. Directing our emotions the way that we want to feel can be powerful, and doing it often sticks in your brain like a habit. There is something unique about the feeling of gratitude in that a person cannot have any other feeling when you have it. "Being in a state of gratitude is a state of love and bliss," Tony Robbins once said. 

Directing how you feel is a lot easier when we don't allow others to tell us how to feel which is hack #4 - get away from your television. It is nice to unwind now and then and 'go along for the ride' with entertaining programs, but it is important to have days when there is TV silence. Without television, creativity and ingenuity finds its way into your time. Maybe even time for a walk!

Getting outside to be in nature is #5. For the hectically busy, it is the hardest to incorporate but very important. Somehow, at least once a week, make plans to get out and enjoy the trees and nature and it will improve well-being. 

In Health,

Dr. Darin Schultz

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