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I have been a certified trainer since 2006. As a former professional basketball player I can appreciate the work and dedication it takes to be healthy.  However, not everyone wants to be a professional athlete nor can train like one.  Running a strength-training program that caters to people of all ages, sizes and abilities is something I take great pride in.  Assisting clients with quality of life is why I'm in this business. This can be extremely challenging at times because most of us are dealing with some type of physical obstacle.  Having state of the art equipment that allows each position and range of motion to be manipulated creates an environment for safety, efficiency and success.  If risk factors and intimidation are removed from your workout routine the sky's the limit no matter what your age.


I have been training clients since 2011 and really enjoy empowering others through physical activity.  Between strength training, building clients endurance, and promoting great health, I am able to help my clients reach goals they can be proud of.  I am certified through the National Federation of Personal Trainers and have extensive knowledge in the field of senior exercise.  My certification with Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL), has helped me learn how to encourage seniors to have healthy lifestyles and better balance techniques. I am also certified with ACE as a health coach. I became a personal trainer to help people safely reach their fitness goals. I enjoy seeing my clients reach for and attain success they never thought was possible. Health and fitness is possible for everyone and I enjoy being part of that journey for those I get to interact with.